We were approved to establish a Master’s Program in the 2003 Academic Year and to enroll students for a PhD program in the 2011 Academic Year. Since the Tourism and Service Industries continue to play critical roles in the sustainable development of Taiwan, our targets for research development and teaching are based on solutions implementing the niche theory behind tourism, with an emphasis on discussion and research on the application of management knowledge and skills for practical operation in the tourism industry, in accordance with our teaching methods for tourism technology and vocational education. Therefore, we especially encourage two methods, “Tutor in Industry” and “Diagnose and Internship in Industry” in order to assure that what students have learned matches the needs of the industry, making students genuinely contribute to the tourism industry through their studies of the Master’s program in the future.
“Tutor in Industry” aims to select the Top Management with respect from other businesses in the tourism industries, such as ocean transportation, recreation and traveling transportation. After consulting with them about their intentions, we provide them with options, such as their personal expertise or future orientation, and launch joint instruction with a professor for study and instruction.
Furthermore, “Diagnose & Internship in Industry” aims to inspire any exchange between students and tutors in the industry; we arrange 4-8 week internships in tourism industries for students’ summer vacations, inviting them to engage with real operations within an organization and requiring them to submit an Internship Diagnosis Report upon completion. We will provide those internships, or the students may go find the internships themselves. This method aims to make students understand issues occurring in real operations or businesses in the industry and learn ways to propose useful solutions for real problems through application of management knowledge and skills from the viewpoint of the solutions.

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